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The development and evolution of 5G architecture brings us new problems. Embedway products solve these problems perfectly, and help operators enhance various analysis and value-added systems in 5G core network. 


The core network becomes modular and virtualized, that cause every single hardware plays multiple roles. 


As a result, the data collected by optical fiber is mixed by multiple network interfaces.  

Embedway products can quickly prepare and identify 5G interface , reclassify the chaotic data sources, give the most complete and deduplication traffic to the analysis system. 

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The user plane is decentralized, resulting in remote separation of signaling and user plane data.  


Embedway system supports adding and stripping tunnel(like GRE/SDTP/VxLan) traffic,  transmits signaling to the corresponding user plane data site through the Internet, saving precious dedicated line network resources. 

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Fast network speed and short latency lead to a large proportion of audio and video traffic, but they are useless for the most of the analysis system.  


Embedway products can accurately identify audio and video flow, drop these media traffic before forwarding to analysis system. That can improve the analysis system performance obviously.

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The user analysis of mobile network needs to be based on the GTP correlation, which occupies a lot of  performance of the analysis system. And the increasing traffic forces the continuous expansion of hardware number and cost.


Embedway directly provide GTP correlation and IMIS filtering, which undertakes part of the functions of the analysis system, greatly reducing the performance pressure, so that the analysis system can cope with more traffic  under the condition of the same number of hardware.