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For bank and enterprise networks, Embedway provides more functional solutions that can effectively solve users' problems.  

Frequently problems on the network of banks and enterprises:  

● The topology is complex with many devices, and difficult to maintenance and troubleshoot.  

● It must to interrupts the network when upgrading, adding, removing, or replacing anyone inline tool.

● Inline tools must deal with full traffic, its  performance utilization is low.

● When a large number of devices failed, the network need phsical bypass protection.

● Multi-point collection is necessary for whole traffic.

Embedway inline and bypass integration solution:

● Simplify the network topology and improve the efficiency of  maintenance and troubleshooting.  

● Changes of any tool does not affect the network, and grayscale deployment is supported. 

● Traffic is sorted to different secuity tools to maximize their performance.

● When a large number of devices failed, one bypass without power is provided to ensure basic network functions.

● The inline and bypass integration solution reduce the number of equipments and collection points.